Kaye's Week 5 Roundup (7 outfits. 1 Post) - PLUS One of my TOP FIVE Favorites in this post!

4:00 PM

So, I did it again! Pray for me, okay? And my timing? And my energy? And come against anything that would prevent me from posting DAILY! Please? Okay! Thank you!!

With that out the way, we have some major catching up to do - about a good 9 days ...well 7, because I don't have pictures for 2 of those days. What is wrong with me?

So that I won't torture you with endless scrolling, I decided to condense my usual number of pics into those nice little collages I use every now and then, and daily on social media - which incidentally, I have been doing a better job at keeping up over there (on my IG and FB pages - personal and the blog). Sigh. I'm sorry, but here's the roundup:

Day 34 - Blah!

Move along...nothing to see here! It was a rainy day. I wore my rain boots. Went a little crazy with the colors, I'll admit. BUT, in all fairness, my rainboots are just fly, and it doesn't matter what I wear with them. Am I right, or am I right? :)
Teal Blazer - $0
Gifted from my friend and Black Diamond sister, Erika
Sky blue Sweater - $2
St. Vincent De Paul Thrift Store, Chamblee, GA (Half off color of the day)
Purple Ralph Lauren Polo Jeans - $0
My Auntie's Closet, Somewhere in Georgia
COACH Rain Boots - $5
St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store, Chamblee, GA



I'm dedicating my Thursdays to wearing a vintage dress...or a vintage piece. Yes, I just created a challenge within a challenge. Again, what's wrong with me. Let's see how this works out. 
Anywho, my dress is a cute little Flutterbye dress that my aunt thrifted for me for $10 at Finder's Keepers in Avondale Estates (a little cute area on the east side of Atlanta). My fashion stylist/designer CK Nelson said that I shouldn't have paired this with a blazer because it's hiding the fabulousness of the dress. I made a note for next time. Lol! Sorry.

Dar Brown Gap Blazer - $6
Kingdom Closet, Decatur, Georgia
Flutterbye Brown Vintage Dress - $10
Finder's Keepers, Avondale Estates (Atlanta), Georgia
Brown Nine West Pumps - $6
Attic Treasures, Chamblee, Georgia (Of course, I wear these to the office pretty often)

NOTE about Day 36 and Day 37 

Those two days are absolute blurs. I worked at my church preparing for the grand opening on the Kingdom Closet Thrift Store. I was bummy and forgot to take pictures. But I was thrifted. Please take my word for it!

Day 38 - TOP 5 OUTFIT ALERT!!!!

I found this beautiful...GORGEOUS dress at a casual visit to the Goodwill in West End Atlanta. I was actually there picking up some furniture I had just bought for my cousin's new spot, and was like "let me just browse the dresses". Low and behold, this beauty jumped off the rack and fell to my feet. I am so glad I can't resist the urge to shop! 
It wasn't a perfect fit. It was too small (so damaging to my little weight loss ego). So, I took it to my cousin, who's an excellent seamstress, and she added a couple of side panels to make it a couple of inches larger for me - within a couple of days. I wore it to church this Sunday, in celebrate of my church's 14th Church Anniversary. We would normally dress casually, but we decided to dress up for the occasion. I think my little 80s/90s puffy sleeve dress was PERFECT! By the way, I hated these when I was a child. But that was before I became the diva princess that I am today. I will go to the gym and play basketball in one of these. They are so FAB, to me!!!

Black Vintage Puffy Sleeve Fit and Flare Dress - $3.50 (color of the week, half off)
Goodwill of North Georgia, Atlanta (West End)
Black Bertini Ankle Strapped Pump - $0
Inherited from my pretty fly grandmother, Bertha Lee Morris

Dy 38 BONUS!!!!

I wore my Grandmother's AUTHENTIC Mink Coat. It was cold. And I was cold-blooded! (In the words of my "Dolomite" acting father! Lol!)


Day 39

Another day in the office. Kind of a 70s feel. Colors and all....
Brown Gap Velour Blazer (My Fav) - $6
St. Vincent de Paul, Chamblee, Georgia
Red Talbots Button Down Blouse with fly collar - New with Tags still attached - $7
Attic Treasures, Chamblee, Georgia
Tan Pants with faint red, blue and yellow plaid - $2
St. Vincent de Paul, Chamblee, Georgia
Brown Wedge Dollhouse Heels - $0
Gifted from my mom years ago 


Day 40

This could have been a great fashion day....BUT....I got lazy...and woke up late. I hate the fit of the shirt and pants together. I hate that I wore these shoes with this outfit. But the individual pieces are still cute. They will be given a second chance later in the challenge, I'm sure.
Pink Bell Sleeve Top/Sweater - $4
St. Vincent de Paul, Chamblee, GA
Gray Wool pants with pink and white plaid - $4
St. Vincent de Paul, Chamblee, GA
Gray Pumps - $2.50
St. Vincent de Paul, Chamblee, GA


Day 41

I'm a little torn over this outfit. Is it too matronly?  Covering too much? Ill fit? Whether it is or isn't, there's one this for certain - I am WARM! It was freezing this day, so the layers made the freezing winds bearable, even while taking this pic (notice there's only one.....because it was FREEZING!).
Leather Sleeve Moto Jacket - $0
My Auntie's Closet, Somewhere in Georgia
Black Turtleneck (I have tons of these!) - $1
St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store, Chamblee, Georgia
Purple Vintage Pleated Skirt - LOVE! - $1.50
Park Avenue Thrift Outlet, Lawrenceville, Georgia
Black Forever 21 Calf Boots - $5
St. Vincent de Paul, Lawrenceville, Georgia


Okay, I'm actually doing the Vintage Thursday for real! I got this little number - a J. Ellis vintage dress (popular in the 70s and 80s) from an outlet thrift store for only $1.50. It's a simple flare number with pockets. I LOVE POCKETS on dresses and skirts. It gives me some kind of security, for some silly reason....

Beige Vintage J. Ellis Flare Dress - $1.50
Park Avenue Thrift Outlet, Lawrenceville, Georgia
Beige/Tan/Brown GUESS Pumps - $0
Gifted from my mom years ago

*HEAVY SIGH!!!* Now, I'm all caught up! That took a lot. Back on track and daily posting starting tomorrow. :)



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