3 Day stint - Called a Mom and Teenager all in the same look. :-/ - Kaye

8:10 AM

So, we're getting better, right? This time, we just went a couple of days, and just mashing up 3 looks in one post. We're out saving the world, here. Give me some slack, okay? LOL! I'm so dramatic!

Anywho, You wouldn't believe it, but I am no where near hitting my March budget for shopping. Why? Because of my recent outing to Park Avenue Thrift Outlet the other day for their 25 CENTS day! And peep this...it wasn't a "sale". It's every single Wednesday - everything in the store is just $.25. So, I pretty much cleared my wardrobe for the month with only about $10. I LOVE IT!!! Don't you?

Here are the last few days from the challenge:

Day 61
Just a cute little getup. That's all I have to say about it really. Skater dress a little big, so I added my jean jacket with a cute little pair of blue and black tights I scored from Walmart for $2.50 (note this doesn't go against the challenge, because from the beginning I said that I would thrift undergarments, tights included.
 Denim Jacket - $5
Attic Treasures Thrift Shop, Chamblee, GA

ASOS Skater Dress - $7
Attic Treasures Thrift Shop, Chamblee, GA

Black Style & Co Bow Pumps - $6
Attic Treasures Thrift Shop, Chamblee, GA


Day 62 
This is probably one of my favorite outfits of the challenge so far. I love rocking leopard, in the not-so-Peggy Bundy sorta way. Some people think it's cheesy to wear it to work. I think that added it to solid colors, especially black, makes it look chic. What do you think?

Calvin Klein Blazer - $6
Attic Treasures, Chamblee, GA

White House | Black Market Pleated Blouse - $5
Attic Treasures, Chamblee, GA

Leopard A-Line Skirt - $1
St. Vincent De Paul Thrift Store, Chamblee, GA

Black Ankle Boots with Gold Accents (LOVE!!!!) - $6
Goodwill of North Georgia (Buford Highway), Atlanta, GA


Day 63
So, funniest thing ever. I posted this picture to Facebook, and I got two starkly different comments:
1. You look like a stylish MOM headed to a PTO Meeting! (Geesh!!!)
2. OMG, you look like a 16 year high school girl!
Man.... Either way, what went wrong here? LOL!
P.S. Cheapest Outfit Bought, EVER!

Brown Old Navy Sweater (Which is an XS, by the way - It's not supposed to fit like this, apparently. Lol!) - $.25 (That's CENTS!)
Park Avenue Thrift Outlet, Lawrenceville, GA

White Turtleneck - $.25
Park Avenue Thrift Outlet, Lawrenceville, GA

Gap Jeans - $1
St. Vincent De Paul, Chamblee, GA 

Brown Ankle Boots (That actually fell apart today, so I had to trash them :-/) - $1
St. Vincent De Paul, Chamblee, GA

Until the next outfit!

- Kaye

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