Okay, Okay.....5 Days. 5 Pretty Good Thrifted Outfits, I think! - Kaye

2:42 PM

I think I'm waving the white flag. The white flag of belief, that is. The belief that I will actually blog everything day. I don't want to. But this feeling of hopelessness...man...it's overpowering.

And. End scene.

LOL! I'm so dramatic.

But, looks like I went another 5 days without posting. I hate doing to this to you. I promise I do. Pray for me. And each other. :)

Here's what I have for the last 5 days or so...

Day 70
 (Today) - A little Vintage, A little contemporary, a little wild side
 Red pinstripe Vintage Pussybow Blouse - $4
St. Vincent De Paul, Chamblee, GA

Black Skinnies - $5 (I'm finding more of these)
Attic Treasures, Chamblee, GA

Cute little Leopard print, burgundy and black Flats - $2

Day 69
Comfort. Just comfort. That's all.
 Fuchsia Banana Republic Tunic/Pocket Dress - $.25 (cents!)
Park Avenue Thrift Outlet, Lawrenceville, GA

Black Skinnies (different from today, I promise! Lol!) - $4
Kingdom Closet, Decatur, GA

Multi-Color Mootsie Tootsie Flats - $1
St. Vincent De Paul, Chamblee, GA 

Day 68
Got a little nude. In color, that is. :)
 Nude Color Cardigan - $.25 (cents!)
Park Avenue Thrift Outlet, Lawrenceville, GA

White Lace Trimmed Tank - $.25 (cents!)
Park Avenue Thrift Outlet, Lawrenceville, GA

Wideleg Jeans - $1.50
Park Avenue Thrift Outlet (A different sales day)

Nude Pumps - $0 (Gifted)
Auntie A's gift to me for my birthday!

Day 67
Color Monday. Spring is coming!!!
Turquoise Blue Half Sleeve Turtleneck - $.25 (cents)
Park Avenue Thrift Outlet
Multi-color Nordstrom Flare Skirt - $0 (Gifted)
My Auntie's Closet, Somewhere in Georgia
Tights (brand new from Walmart Clearance) - $1.50
Multi-Color BCBG Pumps - $6
Attic Treasures, Chamblee, GA 

Day 66
Sunday fun day. Church Flow. New Hair Flow.
Banana Republic Vintage Style Pussybow Dress - $5
Value Village, Jonesboro, GA
Red Just Fab Bow Pumps - $0 (Gifted)

Day 65
A lil grunge for my Saturday errands.
Forever 21 hat - $1
Kingdom Closet, Decatur, GA
Black Moto Jacket - Worn Several times this year - $5
Attic Treasures, Chamblee, GA
Black Skinnies - $4
St. Vincent De Paul, Chamblee, GA
SCORE!!!!! Blue 7 for all Mankin Combat Boots - $.75 (cents!)
Attic Treasures during their 75% off sale.
Retail for $425.00

We're really putting a dent into this year. I'm excited about the future! Stay tuned. <3


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