No NEW clothes or shoes for an entire YEAR? Are you serious???

Absolutely! I have INSANELY challenged myself to wear a “new” (to me) outfit EVERYDAY that is 100% thrifted. I will shop thrift stores, consignment shops, pop-up shops and other resell avenues to creatively style my wardrobe for the entire 2016. I am dragging (literally) my husband, Tiger, along for the ride. He's not totally convinced he can thrift at 100%, but he will try to come close. Thrifting is a hobby for me - I love the idea of getting trendy outfits, ultra-chic vintage and high end clothing for so little. It's a great way to save coins.

Who are we?

Just some regular folks. We are Tiger and Kaye Gibson aka #TeamGibson. I (Kaye – the prominent voice of the blog) am a marketing director for a small firm in Atlanta. Tiger is a professional comedian, by profession, and a minister of the gospel, by love of God! People often refer to us as a "Power Couple". Their words. But we're not perfect, or out to set #RelationshipGoals. We simply love each other, have fun together and just fit into each other's crazy worlds....perfectly. We were married September 14, 2015, and accomplished a lot in our first year - bought a new luxury car, both of us started school (working on our master's), and built a house from the ground up. So the idea of saving, in the midst of all that amassed debt is definitely a benefit!

So…here’s the challenge:

Kaye’s Way

  1. I am getting rid of anything in my closet, not thrifted or gifted – like out of my closet, and out of my house. I’ll take pictures for proof, and will either donate or resell those items. That’s pretty much my ENTIRE Closet! *insert tears and nail biting here*
  2. I will give myself a budget of $75 per month for shopping. That’s it. That includes clothes and shoes. (whatever I don't spend will rollover to the next month, though)
  3. I will shop weekly. I think Wednesdays will be my day. That could change.
  4. I will only buy apparel from thrift and consignment stores, or events with the same purposes (resell/recyclers/etc). NO NEW RETAIL STORES, MALLS, BOUTIQUES, ONLINE STORES (the all caps is my Note to self)! (Thrifted clothes can have new tags on them)
  5. I will wear a different outfit every single day of the year. I can mix and match pieces, but never the same exact outfit.
  6. Every day, I will post my outfit, along with prices and stores to my blog. EVERYDAY. Even days when I don’t feel like it. Or days when I’m not confident in my outfit choice. Even days in my PJ’s, which will incidentally be thrifted as well! 365 days straight.

Tiger’s Way

  1. He will keep everything in his closet and just add to it.
  2. He will rely on his wife for most of his shopping, but will make sure to wear it all. So her shopping rules apply. (Kaye speaking/writing, of course!)
  3. He will wear a different outfit every single day of the year, with at least 1 prominent thrifted outfit. That could be a shirt, jacket, pants, tie, etc. Must be a prominent piece of the outfit, though. Nothing like a “thrifted handkerchief” only!
  4. Every day, he will take a pic of his outfit, and post it on the blog (and sometimes social media) along with his wife’s finds. He may learn to love it before the year is out! *cross fingers here*

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