And so it begins....Pre-gaming

2:00 PM

I'm not really sure why I chose this as a rule, but I just cleared my entire closet of everything not thrifted or gifted to me. Sigh. And please don't judge my wire hangers. I'll do better this year.

I guess this makes my feat more challenging. But it does nothing for the budget. Well, unless I can make a few coins off some of the stuff. I'll be donating most of it to our church's thrift store - Kingdom Closet - and I'll sell some of it on eBay. So I guess it's okay.

From the looks of it, I still have a good amount of things in the closet. That's because as I lost weight this past year, I had to constantly change clothes. So my family and friends banded together and gave me tons of stuff from their closets. I love them. Hopefully I will lose more weight in 2016 (I'm still about 20-25 pounds from goal), so even that which is left now, will eventually be gone too!

So there! Starting fresh, for the most part. Kinda. This is going to be an interesting year.

Pray my strength.

- Kaye

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