Join the Challenge

Join the "Thrift for a Year" Challenge!

Here are the Rules (Feel free to customize to fit YOU!)

1. Set your monthly shopping budget ($50, $75, $100, etc)
2.Set your "EVERYDAY GOAL": Kaye's Way (100% Thrifted) or Tiger's Way (Something Thrifted)
3. Only shop thrift stores, consignment shops, flea markets, or other places where resell apparel is available - No New Retail!
4. Post your daily Outfit to social media - Instagram, Facebook or Twitter - and tag #thriftforayear AND include the day (ex. January 1st Post: #thriftforayear #TFAYDay1)
5. Follow this blog and comment with your own tips, recommendations and inspiration for other challengers.

Where in the World are you (Pin Map)?

Send us a quick message below with just your name and city/state/country to let us know where you will take the challenge. Include your favorite thrift stores in your area if you want to as well. We will add your pin to the map within 24 hours. Let's achieve this together!


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