Day 21 - Tiger - A Pop of Color

9:37 PM

My friends often tease me and say "Tiger, you dress too traditional." Some say I look just like a politician, others say I dress like a lawyer. Either way I take it all as a compliment, because I believe dressing neat and clean is a huge part being professional.

For years I have only worn crisp white dress shirts and neck ties that were solid in color (mostly blue) or had a few stripes in it. I'm still that traditional white shirt classic suit wearing guy but I have switched it up a bit with bow ties that have what my wife calls a "pop of color." Like what I wore today. It's a way for me to break away from the monotony of white shirts and plain ties to expressing myself and being fashionable and professional at the same time.

Today, I have on:

Super 140 wool suit - $12.00
Calvin Klein dress shirt - $2.00 
And a "Canary 48" Bow tie that was not thrifted or gifted, but given to me a a huge discounted rate.

- Tiger

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