Day 7 - Kaye - $700 Armani Pants for $4

1:01 PM

"Usually, I don't do this, but uhhhh....." - Robert Kelly

I don't even have a spiel today. Yesterday was enough.

This post. This outfit. This day. Is all about my fabulously incredible find. I would say this is absolutely the find of the week. Maybe even of the year. So far.

Everything about what I have on is a typical business casual outfit - nice fitting slacks, cute vintage blouse, interview shoes (as I'd like to call them). Color isn't even important today. Just basic business pairings, right?


EXCEPT for the fact that I am rocking ARMANI Collezioni dress slacks that I found in one of my favorite stores for FOUR DOLLARS!!!! Yes, you read that correctly. For a pair of pants with a large retail range of about $300 to $700 jumped in my shopping basket, and pushed me right out the door for $4.



For pants that people have literally spent $700 on. See what I'm saying....

Generally speaking, I'm wouldn't say that I am a label whore snob. With regular retail, I am anything but. However, my biggest rule of thumbs for thrift shopping is to only buy designer labels or vintage, unless the no name item is just too cute/nice and irresistible to pass up. The saying holds true: One man's trash (giveaway/charity/etc) is another (wo)man's treasure. I have continuously found great treasures in several areas that I shop.

My thrift store label finds usually consist of Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Anne Klein, DKNY, an occasional Michael Kors, and the like. These Armani pants were probably the most expensive label. Granted, they're not the "Giorgio Armani" label, but for $4, they could have been Armani Exchange, and it would have still been an awesome deal!

Anywho, here's the entire outfit breakdown:

Gray Armani Collezioni Dress Slacks - $4
St. Vincent de Paul, Chanblee, GA

Off-white Vintage Draped Button Down Blouse - $2
St. Vincent de Paul, Chamblee, GA

Brown Nine West Pumps - $6
Attic Treasures, Chamblee, GA (Great place to buy thrifted shoes - don't only sell nice looking, non-worn out things)

This is why I shop thrift. Major treasure. For practically pennies.

There is not much more to be said. Today, I WIN.

Day 7 - one for the books!

- Kaye

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