Day 25 - Kaye - Neutrals. Winterwear.

8:34 PM

The weekend tends to sucks all the life out of me. So on Monday, it's kind of challenging to put a lot of energy into my outfit. And apparently my facial expressions.

I gave a good hearty effort though. Went with neutral colors - browns, tans, etc. I kept it cute and casual for the office. I'll dress up again one day soon, maybe.

So, what did I wear?

I wore my Kenneth Cole Reaction coat that I found a couple of weeks ago from Park Avenue Thrift Outlet in Lawrenceville (you wouldn't believe the price! Think UNDER $200). Underneath, I wore a tan button down top, tucked into a classic Ralph Lauren denim skirt, along with my previously owned brown textured tights and wedges.

I was comfortable and warm, and quite frankly, that's all that mattered to me today.

The breakdown:

Tan Kenneth Cole Reaction Coat - $1.50
Park Avenue Thrift Outlet, in Lawrenceville, GA

Brown button down too - $2
St. Vincent De Paul Thrift Shop, Chamblee, GA

Classic Ralph Lauren denim skirt - $0 - Gifted
My Auntie's Closet, Somewhere in GA

Brown with Multicolor Wedge heels - $0 -Gifted
Christmas gift from mom a few years back



P.s. I went shopping today during my lunchbreak.....and spent $12 on a few things. In case you're keeping tabs. That means that I am already in the red for February, with a total of $37 already spent. Clearly February will be a light shopping month. Pray for me! :)

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