Day 9 - Kaye - SHOPPING DAY!!!

8:11 PM


I dressed super simple and comfy today. It was a loooooooong day of shopping with my girls! Of course.....THRIFTING!

We planned to do a day of store hopping, but we made the mistake of walking into Park Avenue Thrift Outlet in Lawrenceville, Georgia - where EVERYTHING was $1.50 today...EVERYTHING! What was supposed to be a quick in and out visit, turned into a 5 hour trip. We made ourselves comfortable. Took breaks every now and then. Then got right back into it.

If you've ever been to PATO (for short), you know how huge it is. Similar to a Value Village or Goodwill. For you non-thrifters, think Ross...Marshall's...TJ Maxx or something similar in size. With that in mind, you now know that it was a massive job and long trip because we went through every single article of clothing, and browsed the shoes and purses as well. It was fun. And tiring.

But of course I got some great things for me and Tiger (still haven't gotten him in the stores yet). Great vintage pieces, and some nice designer pieces as well. That's one of my rules too - I think I've mentioned this before - only buy vintage and designer labels or at least name brand items, unless there's a dope no name item that's just too incredible looking to pass up.

You'd be surprised at the names you can pull while thrifting. This is just a touch of what I got today...

Plus my mom picked up a Michael Kors purse, and my homegirl, Chonita scored a very cute authentic vintage Fendi clutch. All for $1.50!!!

So, about my cute little simple outfit. One of my rules of thumb when shopping is to wear form-fitting outfits, so that if I need to try something on, I can slide them right over my clothes for a good idea of fit, and without having to take a trip to the dressing room.

That's exactly what I did today: A fitted top and pants, comfortable flats, and my coat just kept me warm on the cold and rainy day. Of course, I took it off inside and just threw it in the cart for those few hours of shopping.

Here's the cost and store breakdown...

White Mock Turtleneck - $1
My Sister Closet Swapping Event at The RhemaNation Church

Black Ankle Pants - $4
St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store, Chamblee, GA

Brown Cow Print (or Leopard....depends on who asks) Bandolino Flats - $6
Attic Treasures, Chamblee, GA

Black Pea Coat - $0
My Auntie's Closet

So, I'm pooped. But happily pooped. Going to bed, and getting ready to do it all over again!

- Kaye

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