Day 4 - Tiger - Feeling better. Just in time for work.

9:25 AM

Hey everyone, thanks for your kind words and thoughts yesterday when I was under the weather. And thanks to my beautiful wife for encouraging me to get my rest all day.

I not really at 100%, but I still have to make the donuts to pay for this big beautiful house we just bought. So off to work I go.

Today's outfit it typical Tiger. I'm a classic man. A bow tie man. The threads I have on today speak to who I am and how I try to represent myself.

Here's what I have on:

Blue Jos. A Bank Traveler's Shirt - $4
St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store in Chamblee

Gray Jos. A Bank dress pants - $4
St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store in Chamblee

Pink/Blue Stripe bow tie - $5
Garage Sale courtesy of my friend Todd Mosley

Everything else is mine.

Thanks to my wife, mother in law and others for keeping me in the fresh thrifted threads. I'm vowing to go out and shop more eventually.

- Tiger
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