Day 20 - Tiger - They won't believe the truth

9:22 PM

Today, one of my professors said to me "kid, you look like 1 million bucks!" My reply was, "thank you but this entire outfit cost me $28." He busted out laughing and said you wish it cost $28.

I had lunch today with one of my friends Pastor Twyman, and he said to me, "that's a nice suit who made it for you?" My reply was "I don't know where this suit came from, I only paid $28 for this entire outfit." He looked at me and shook his head in disbelief.

The beauty of the thrift thing is the very items he would spend $100, $200, $300 even $500 for, you could find all day long between $15 and $20. That is the most fun for me - you're looking at the
disbelief on the faces of people when they compliment your outfit, and they learn of the price.

Here's what I got, and paid:

Super 140 Wool Suit - $24.00
Calvin Klein Dress Shirt $4.00
Bow Tie Canary48 - $0 - gifted
Black braces - $0 - gifted

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