Day 27 - Kaye - My cool black sweater and a little hat action

8:52 PM

I really have to snap out of this thing. I kind of wore all black again today. It was all my fault. I woke up late, so I had to rush to find something. Black is always my go to option when I'm in a rush. It can never really look too, too bad.

I grabbed my comfy Calvin Klein sweater with the thumb holes in the sleeve. I love those!!! It's like the best of both worlds without all the work. Almost like wearing gloves. I pair it with some wide leg WHBM jeans. I'd previously struggled to pair the jeans with a good outfit, so they had just been hanging in the closet - sad, lonely, and ready to be worn. Again, because I was rushing, I didn't really have time to do anything to my hair either, so I grabbed my cute black hat my aunt gave me a few months ago.

Whalah. A little Janet Jackson, Rhythm Nation action going on with the hat! I could be pushing it. But whatever.

Here's the breakdown of what I wore...

Hat - $0
Hand me down from my Auntie's Closet, Somewhere in Georgia

Calvin Klein Geometric Sweater - $5
Last Chance Thrift Store, Chamblee, Georgia

White House | Black Market Ashy Black Wide Leg Jeans - $4
St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store, Chamblee, Georgia

Guess Booties - $5
Attic Treasures Thrift Shop, Chamblee, Georgia


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