Day 19 - Kaye - Bright colors to warm up the day

8:57 PM

You can't really tell by the pics that it was 20 degrees this morning. Probably because of my beautiful bright colors, and my warm smile. Awwww.

Yes, I understand that these colors are generally reserved for warm Spring days or Summer nights. While I am generally respectful of fashion rules - I guess - I simply refuse to subscribe to the rules that tell me when to wear certain colors and what colors to wear.

Today, did my combination of magenta and blue and pink and black and gray and white in the dead of the winter freezing temperatures break rules? I certainly hope not. I absolutely adored my ruffle top I bought for just $1.50 from a local thrift outlet a couple weeks ago. The skirt - a gift from my auntie's closet - was the focal point of the outfit, and got countless compliments today. The gray shoes rounded off everything subtly, different enough to make a statement challenging the color matching norms. And at the same time, gray, like black and white, will go with anything and match perfectly. I think we did just that.

The bonus part of the outfit is my denim trench coat. You do know I wouldn't leave home in 20 degree whether without something to warm me up...right?

Details below:

Magenta Ruffle Top - $1.50
Park Avenue Thrift Outlet, Lawrenceville, GA

Multicolor Flare Skirt - $0
Gifted by My Auntie's Closet, Somewhere in GA

Gray Strappy Pumps - $2.50 
St. Vincent de Paul, Chamblee, GA

Bonus (shown above) - Denim Talbot's Trench Coat - $0
Gifted by My Auntie's Closet, Somewhere in GA

- Kaye

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