Day 5 - Kaye - Bold Color. Bold Plaids. Too bold for the office?

10:11 AM

I.WENT.TO.WORK.LIKE.THIS. I felt so “New York”…so Miranda Priestly… or at least Andy…after her transformation, walking into the office today. (If you’re not a Devil Wears Prada movie fan, please hit the little “x” in the corner to close this page NOW! LOL! Kidding. Sorta.)

Here....just in case...

I digress. 

I know we’re only five days in, but I must say this is my favorite outfit of the year so far.
I recreated this look for work from one of my favorite church looks in 2015. I wouldn’t dare wear a floor length skirt to the office (or would I?).

I found these bold red plaid Tommy Hilfiger Wide leg pants a couple of weeks…in GOODWILL! I used to turn my nose up at the Goodwills of the world. But I found out quickly how foolish I’d been. I constantly find great jewels there. No matter which side of town I’m on (for all you, “I don’t shop in the hood” folks out there). I’ll write about that later in life.

Back to the outfit: these pants are just adorable, though, right? I am in love with prints, especially plaid. And if you keep following, you’ll see that I’ll wear it often throughout the year.

I paired it with another turtleneck, my favorite thing to wear in the winter. I wonder if that has anything to do with me being an 80s baby? I digress. My black leather-sleeve blazer (gifted) and ankle boots rounded off the look perfectly.

And as a bonus, because it’s freezing outside in Atlanta today, I added a leather hat and scarf to the ensemble, to keep me warm.

Here’s the breakdown:

Plaid Tommy Hilfiger Wide Leg Pants - $5.95
Goodwill - West End Location, Atlanta, GA

White Basic Turtleneck - $1
St. Vincent de Paul, Chamblee, GA

Black Anne Klein Blazer with Leather Sleeves - $0
Gifted from my aunt, Co-Pastor Vanessa Hall

Black Just Fab Ankle Boots - $0
Gifted from my mom a few Christmases ago

Plaid Scarf - $0
Took it from my husband, because he never wears it.

Leather Hat - $0
Gifted – another little jewel from my aunt’s 90s collection

Was it too bold for the office? I think NOT! :)


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