Day 14 - Kaye - Possibly my greatest thrift store find EVER! Plus my OOTD, I guess

9:22 PM

Today’s outfit was great, but it has been totally over-shawdowed by my ridiculous thrift store find today. Probably the best find I’ve ever had!

Oh, and I had to cut into my February budget as well. But I’ll make sure to stick to it whole-heartedly, which will mean I can’t shop for a while. But that’s okay. Today was TOTALLY worth it.

Are you ready for this?




I visited Attic Treasures Thrift Shop in Chamblee, Georgia today, on my lunch break – a pretty normal ritual of mine. I went because the entire men’s department was ½ off, and I figured I try to score a few items for Tiger. I ended up getting him a couple of $.50 ties and a sweater. But as I headed to the register, I breezed by the coat rounder.

And there it was...the Cape-Coat…jumping out at me...calling my name...LITERALLY! It CALLED MY NAME!!!! I went over to see what the commotion was about. Lifting the sleeve alone, through a sea of old leather, corduroy and vinyl, knew that my life was about to change. This coat was the most beautiful coat I’d ever seen. 100% wool. HEAVY. And VINTAGE! I almost fainted when I cloaked it over my shoulder.

I looked at the price tag, and immediately got sad. It was $24. I was already at my January limited – hence me shopping for Tiger today, instead of myself. But then I made the quick decision to get it anyway. It. Was. Worth. It!!!!! I dashed to the register, gripping the coat, tucked under arm – for some reason, I imagined someone chasing after me because they mistakenly put the coat down, and now wanted it back.

Everyone at the register was amazed at it. It is in pristine condition. No moth holes. No old smell. Super clean. It looks brand new. I think it IS brand new. Except for the fact that it is easily 40 years old.

Check it out below…then keep reading about what I actually wore today. Deal? Deal!

Isn’t it amazing?

And oh yea….here’s what I wore today…

Fall colors for this cold winter day. Make your own rules!!!

Rust Couch and Guage Half Sweater - $0
My Auntie’s Closet

White Turtle Neck - $1
St. Vincent de Paul, Chamblee, Ga

Brown (plaid with thin red and blue lines) Anne Klein Dress Pants - $2
St. Vincent de Paul, Chamblee, Ga

Brown Nine West Pumps - $6
Attic Treasures Thrift Shop, Chamblee, Ga

I will go and try on my new cape-coat again now…..again! I can’t wait to dedicate its own entry for the blog.


- Kaye

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