Day 6 - Tiger - My favorite find so far.

9:07 PM

I'm off from work today. Usually when I'm off work, I'll wear jeans and t-shirt. But I'm so happy with my new thrifted find, I couldn't wait to share it with you. I am wearing a Nike Dry Fit sweat suit. I picked this suit up at a retired NFL player garage sale (New York Giants). Using the skills my wife has taught me, not only did I get this swaet suit for $7, I got three more to go along with it.

This, so far, is my favorite thrifted item.

Nevermind the fact that I look like Uncle Denzel....a little....

What makes it even more special, is the guy never wore them. They still had the original tags on them. This was a great pickup. And has added to my weekend/day off apparel.

Now the NIKE Huaraches were gifted by my friend and fellow sneakerhead Kofi Abaka, who over the years have supplied me with Jordans and Nike Dunks. I’m very grateful for him.

And more importantly – grateful for this way to shop….thrifting.

Here’s the breakdown:

Nike Dry Fit Sweat Suit - $7
Garage Sale

Nike Huarache - $0

New York Baseball cap – Mine
Previously owned

- Tiger

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