Day 15-17 - Kaye - Work. Play. Worship. Weekend in Review

9:36 PM

The weekend was busy, beginning with Friday. So I knew blogging would be difficult, simply because I wouldn't even have time to sit for a few minutes and type anything out (or perhaps because I was a little too lazy....but who's counting?). This is why I chose to start a "Weekend in Review" post to make sure I highlight the outfits as I run through Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I may or may not keep this going. Let's just say we'll play it by ear.

So here goes.....

Friday: Bossed Up

I had a very important meeting, packed with important people at an important place. A suit was definitely in order. The problem is, prior to Thursday this week, I didn't have a suit. 

Let me take that back. I didn't have an appropriately sized suit that I could wear. I had kept my one "old faithful" Donna Karen - the one that I wore for every business endeavor from interviews to meetings to conferences - that I had thrifted a few months back. However, because of the weight loss I was now swimming in it. I had every intention to get it altered, because it was so nice. By Wednesday, I remembered. By Wednesday evening, I had forgotten all about it.

Thus, my Thursday morning dash to my favorite metro Thrift shop, Attic Treasures in Chamblee, Georgia. I found a perfectly fitting Calvin Klein black pants suit. For the low, of course. No alterations needed. I paired it with a Liz Clairborn turtleneck - one that says I am a a casual startup office. Well played.

Calvin Klein Suit - $9 (after 50% off spin the wheel sale)
Attic Treasures, Chamblee, Georgia

Black and Gray Striped Liz Claiborne Turtleneck - $1
St. Vincent De Paul, Chamblee, Georgia 

Black Steve Madden Pointed toe Pumps - $5
Attic Treasures, Chamblee, Georgia

Saturday: Play Day

Nothing spectacular. Per usual for my Saturdays. I had an entire day of furniture shopping. So I just wanted to be comfortable. No make up. Hair undone. Just comfy. That's all there was to it.

I paired a comfy sweater and jeans with a duster for warmth, and my very worn but comfy All stars. Don't judge them! I refuse to get rid of them because they are the last thing my wonderful and loving grandmother bought me before she passed away in 2008. As long as I can wear them, I am wearing them! So there!

Gray Sweater Duster - $2.49
Last Chance Thrift Store, Chamblee, GA 

Blue, Gray and White Calvin Klein Sweater - $1.50
Park Avenue Thrift Outlet, Lawrenceville, GA 

Calvin Klein Straight Leg Jeans, rolled up - $1
St. Vincent De Paul, Chamblee, GA 

Plaid All Stars - $0
My Grandma!

Sunday: Garments of Praise

Sunday is my favorite day of the week. I like getting dressed up and dolled up to go into the House of the Lord. This Sunday was no different. I rocked a combination of Thrifted Vintage and Custom pieces to make the cutest little church fit. In my opinion.

The top was a vintage pussybow - I LOVE bows! And the skirt, a custom CK NELSON "Nessa" original that had made its way to Kingdom Closet website.

I wore stockings. Why don't people wear stockings anymore? I've love them since becoming an adult. They make me feel like I look more polished and elegant and even ladylike (maybe that's my grandma's opinion shining through), than sporting bare legs.

I also rocked a brand new JustFab bag that I got for just a dollar.

Yes, I admit, I was really matchy-matchy, which I don't necessarily like all the time. But whatever. I threw on some neutral colored pumps to round it out. And not make it so matchy-matchy, I guess.

Red/Black striped pussybow blouse - $2
St. Vincent De Paul, Chamblee, GA 

Fire Colored "Nessa" Skirt by CK NELSON - $0
Kingdom Closet Thriftique (My Aunt Donated. I kept it after it went unsold for over a month.....don't know how! It's gorgeous!)

Nude/Neutral Pointed Toe Pumps - $0
Gifted from my Aunt Angela for Christmas

Great Weekend!

- Kaye

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