Day 12 - Tiger - Casual or dressy, I'm thrifting for a lifetime!

8:59 PM

Went into work a little bit casual today. But you can go in casually when you're wearing an $800 suit for just $60. I feel like every man should have a tan suit. A good tan suit. They shouldn't pay full price for it though.

In the month of February, I'm going to look for more stylish pieces.

So get ready to see some blues, pinks and yellows from Tiger Gibson, even if it is Winter.

I don't only plan to thrift for a year, I plan on thrifting for life.

Who knew looking this good could cost so little. Someone said in the office today, "I know Tiger spends a ton on his clothes", I laughed a little bit, and sent them to the Thrift for a Year website. I wonder what will be their reaction tomorrow.

In the meantime. Today....Nothing fancy. No tie. But it was a great day at work. And I felt great going!

Thrifted Suit.

Thrifted Shirt.

Shoes Mine.

Tan Super 140 Wool Suit - $50
Seamtress Sale

White Roundtree and York Dress Shirt - $1.50
Park Avenue Thrift Outlet


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