Day 13 - Tiger - The Sweater Vest is still in.

8:12 PM

Over the last few years I've heard people say things like "I would never wear a sweater vest". I've heard people say the sweater vest is for old people who have no taste. Well, I totally disagree I believe the sweater vest still plays, and it is a piece of classic American fashion.

So to all of my friends that have the sweater vest in the back of the closet, pull it out and wear it with pride.

Today I'm wearing a navy blue Ralph Lauren Polo sweater vest, and I know some of you are thinking you only wearing it because it's Polo. Well you are so wrong for thinking that. I have another one the same color minus the horse logo!

My sweater vest is thrifted I got it for 4 bucks from St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store in Chamblee, Georgia. My wife shops there a lot, and they always have great items for men. I also have on a white Non-Iron Executive Jos. A Banks dress shirt, and it was only 1.50 from Park Avenue Thrift Outlet in Lawrenceville, Georgia. My bow tie was gifted by Canary 48.

- Tiger

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